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ASnake Blog Test

day 30 - month 10 - year 2021

ASnake is simple. Just Do:

print "hello world"

Output: hello world

Wait, it gets better.

"hello world"

Output: hello world

That's not confusing at all!

$ def l = +
$ def ll = "h"
$ def lll = "e"
$ def llll = "l"
$ def lllll = "o"
$ def llllll = "w"
$ def lllllll = "r"
$ def llllllll = "d"
$ def lllllllll = " "

Output: hello world

Ahem, excuse me? What the heck is that? Give me something more normal please.

$ def そして = then
こんにちは 'hello '
世界 'world'
f"{こんにちは $そして 世界}"

Output: hello world

Eh, ASnake is already pretty weird. I guess I'm fine with it.

So this is the first ever ASnake blog post. This is mainly just to test out the static site generator and CSS I wrote.

I've really wanted to start a blog, because I'm a avid reader of so many programming language blogs! Ones such as these:

  1. Oilshell
  2. Futhark
  3. Spiral

So I wanted to have my own go at it! In a way I view ASnake as being beneath what these languages are attempting. I feel small and silly, so best to make a blog so I can pretend to be big and serious.

Big and serious!

Big and serious!

I was inspired by this blog's minimal layout. It reminded me of a terminal. So I made ASnake's blog section to mimic a CRT monitor and console. Was a lot of fun writing the CSS for it. I'm sure I'll have to tune it down a bit more for readability.

The other sections of the site won't look like this, just the blog section.

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